states of water

This XR experience is part of the funded project Practising Odin Teatret Archive, which aims to archive and translate embodied techniques developed by the Odin group for more than 50 years. The experiment departed from the exercise Six States of Water, developed by Roberta Carreri and taught as part of her workshop. In the exercise, students are called to explore dancing the same score with different qualities of energy, which evoke six states of water, namely fog, bubbles, amazon river, little creek, iceberg, tempest. Our goal in this case was to create six environments which enhance the experience of each relating state with the aid of interactive visual effects and soundscapes and as a result, impact the quality of movement.

Concept : Adriana La Selva & Ioulia Marouda

Design & Implementation : Ioulia Marouda

Assistance : Axel Belin

A project conducted at Ghent University, funded by FWO Research Institute Flanders

Practitioners Patrick Campbell & Roberta Carreri during MoCap sessions, 2021. Photo credits : Bruno Freire

Photo credits : Bruno Freire